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Who determines the amount of taxes I pay?

The Property Appraiser is the County officer charged with determining the value of all property within the county for tax purposes. While the Property Appraiser determines the value of the property taxes, the local taxing authorities (County Commission) decide how much money is required to provide services such as police, fire and so forth. The Property Appraiser’s office does not determine the amount of taxes you pay only the assessed value of your property. The taxes can increase or decrease depending on the millage rate set by the School Board, Commissioners and all other taxing authorities. Value X Millage = Tax Bill.

How the process works.

On or about August 24th, of every year, the Property Appraisers office will send you a proposed tax bill (Trim Notice). You have till September 15th to submit a petition for appeal to our office.

In the first week of November, you will receive your actual tax bill. At this time you should take advantage of the 4% discount and pay your taxes by the last day of November. If you do not pay your taxes by April 1st of the following year your appeal will be canceled by the County.

The appeals process will start in the middle of the next calendar year and run till all the properties are heard. When we are successful in achieving a reduction for your property, the County will send you or your lender (whomever pays the taxes) a cash refund. This may take up to two years from the calendar year we are appealing.

Why should I use Tax Savers of Miami, Inc.?

Tax Savers of Miami, Inc. has a proven tract record of saving clients money with their property tax appeals since 1989. We've helped over 150,000 property owners just like you save over $75,000,000 in taxes. The appeals process is very time consuming and can be extremely intimidating, we have a proven track record of success.

Why should I file an appeal?

Over 60% of all properties in Florida are over-assessed, which leads to higher property tax bills. But only 15% of property owners challenge their property taxes. On average 80% of properties owners that challenge their assessments receive a refund with an annual reduction of between 5%-35% on their tax bill.

Is there a consultation fee?

No, the consultation is free. In fact, there are no up front costs associated with your appeal. We are so confident that we will succeed in lowering your property tax bill that we absorb all related costs other than the $15 State mandated filing fee.

How much does it cost?

We work on a contingency bases. Our fee is 35% of your overall tax savings. The County of Florida charges a non-refundable filing fee of $15 per folio. If we do not save you money you owe us nothing.