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Getting Started

The process is simple and easy, please complete and return the attached Employment Agreement prior to September 15TH of each year, along with the Counties’ mandatory $15 filing fee per folio. You can elect to pay your filing fee on-line through PAYPAL and send your Employment Agreement through fax or email (due to an overwhelming amount of correspondence, please call our office to confirm that we have received your petition).

Tax Savers of Miami, Inc. works on a contingency fee basis and charges 35% of the tax savings. If you have any questions please call our office so we can assist you with your inquiry 305-740-0118.

The appeals process generally saves you money, but you should be aware that it may take up to two years for your appeal to be heard by a Special Magistrate. When we are successful reducing your taxes is when you will be charged. "No Results-No Fee".

Check Status

To check the status of your appeal, have your folio number ready and call 311 or click here: Dade County or Broward County.

Pay Invoice / Filing Fee

To pay your Invoices or filing Fees, click on:

Find where it says:

Order summary from Tax Savers of Miami, Inc.

  • Enter in description: Invoice or filing fee (property addresses or folio numbers)
  • Enter amount
  • Click Update when you are finished

Then go to the left side of the page that says:

Choose a way to pay:

and follow the instructions. If you have any questions contact our office at 305-740-0118.