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Tax Savers of Miami Inc.

Tax Savers of Miami, Inc. is a tax abatement company that has assisted thousands of property owners throughout the years in achieving the proper valuation for their properties. Fewer than 10% of all property owners challenge the assessed value set forth by the County. Our specialists have the expertise, experience, and dedication to successfully represent you and your property before the Value Adjustment Board. Every property owner has the right to petition for an appeal of their property tax through the Value Adjustment Board. We will help you achieve a reduction to your tax. (See SERVICES for a detailed list of the properties we specialize in.)

The Property Appraiser is encouraging property owners to meet with his staff before they file an appeal to try to come to a mutual agreement on the value of their property. They realize that the assessments generated by their office are often wrong and they feel that a reduction maybe warranted. BUYER BEWARE, you will be meeting with a representative from their office, the office that should have assessed you correctly in the first place, not with an impartial Value Adjustment Board Magistrate.

Would you ask an IRS agent to prepare your tax return?

Lowering your real estate taxes is an important and immediate way to significantly reduce your annual expenses. Tax Savers of Miami, Inc. has 30 years of experience and the knowledge needed to lower your property taxes, we can help you increase your cash flow. Understanding the intricacies of the appeals process is just the first step in establishing an equitable assessment.

Through careful examination of the appropriate data, in combination with the individual characteristics of your property, we can accurately determine the realistic and fair value. We have the machinery to properly present the evidence needed to find the faults of the mass appraisals that are generated yearly by the County. We appeal all types of properties.

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